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10/22/2018 9:41:43 AM

Imam Hossein is the third Imam of Shiite who is a symbol of morality amoung  muslims.
on 10th of Moharram ( first month of lunar calendar ) in 680 BC, there was a battle between Imam Hossein and the ruler of that era , Yazid, in Karbala ( Now it is located in Iraq ).
Yazid was the winner and killed Imam Hossein and all his soldiers ( 72 soldiers ).
Nowadays, Muslims make that event alive with street performances, donate food and go to mosques to hear about Imam Hossein and his aim.
Mashhad, as the biggest religious city of Iran , is the best choice for Ashura. Million of people go to Mashhad from around Iran and at the end of the day, all go to the holy shrine.


Duration : 9 a.m to 5 p.m
Rate: Please call us
Included services:
                  - Pick up and drop-off at your hotel
                  - English speaking tour guide
                  - A bottle of water per person.
Excluded services :
                           - Food
                           - Entrance fees.
                           - Travel insurance

Itinerary :
this tour starts with an street performance in a village. Then will eat lunch with locals and visit some other religious traditions.



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