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Day 1 : 

Greeting by our tour guide in IKA and transfer to hotel. After check-in and breakfast will heading to visit two halls of Golestan palace , walk through the old bazar and eat delicious Iranian dish . Afterwards see one of the urban symbols  of  Tehran ( Azadi tower ). In the afternoon will get acquainted with the national museum where display some of the most spectacular jewels in the world. → Hotel

Day 2 :

join the tour to Niavaran  and/or Sa'd Abad palaces . Experience the local trading in Tajrish old bazar and taste Persian cuisine. In the  afternoon will enjoy the nature bridge and breath fresh air  in  Darband .→Hotel    

Day 3 :
Driving to Kashan and admire the Persian architecture at Borujerdiha house and Fin bath house.  Also ponder on the 7000 years old Sialk civilization. → Hotel 

Day 4 :

Marvel at unrivalled 1500 years old underground city and get acquainted with the lifestyle of the people of the red village(Abyane) → Isfahan


Day 5 :
Beautiful Imam ( Royal) square , amazing Alighapoo , Imam mosque and its unique tile  works , elegant Sheikh-Lotf-Allah mosque , 33 pol bridge and enjoy of its nice Safavid architecture, Chehel Sotun mansion and the masterpieces of Vank Cathedral will be the memories of your fifth day.

Day 6 :
visiting Hasht behesht palace , shaking minaret and  pigeon tower. After lunch will driving to Yazd .


Day 7 :
Enjoying the silence tower and Zoroastrian fire temple . walk around Amir-chaqmaq old square , feel how Yazdian people have adapted with the Semi-arid area in water museum. Get acquainted with handicrafts of Yazd in old bazar and taste their traditional sweets. Manifest glory and simplicity of old part of city will wonder you by its wind towers and narrow alleys.

Day 8 :
Get amazed by the Arsacid castle in Meybod . then get acquainted with Chak Chak ( one of the world’s most important Zoroastrian shrines ).
Afterwards enjoying the historical village of Kharanaq and its multi-storey muddy castle.

Day 9 :
Driving to Shiraz and visit the tomb of Cyrus the  great. ( an outstanding example of ethics in the world ).
Then do the check- in  also eat lunch . Afterwards will visit Hafiz  and  Sa’di  Mausoleums.

Day 10 :

Experience one of the most beautiful mosques of the world named pink mosque . Have a pleasant time at Narenjestan-Qavam and a spiritual situation in Shacheraq shrine . After eating lunch will go toVakil old bazar and Karimkhan citadel.

Day 11 :
Marvel at unrivalled Persepolis and Necropolis . Then get surprised by a Sassanid bas relief ( Nagsh-e-Rajab) and come back to Shiraz.

Day 12 :
Driving to Kerman and do the Check-in also eat lunch at hotel. Having a cooking class in the afternoon .            

Day 13 : 
Visiting Shazde garden and shah Ne’mat-ollah Mausoleum. After lunch will get amazed by the Kaluts of Lut desert and come back to hotel.

Day 14 :
Have unforgettable time at Rayen citadel ( the second big adobe structure of the world) and come back to Kerman to eat lunch and fly to Tehran.

Day 15 :
Have some free hours to walk around Tehran till your departure time.

Note :
The itinerary is an indication of the visits we propose to undertake each day . However , please bear in mind that changes are possible due to public holidays, weather, etc.