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Day 1 : 

greeting by our tour guide and transfer to hotel. After breakfast will visiting two halls of Golestan palace. Experience the daily life of people at the old bazar of Tehran. visit the urban symbol of Tehran.


Day 2 :
visiting national museum or geology museum. Have some pleasant time at Darband and nature bridge.




Day 3 :
Driving to Tabriz. After check-in will visit the historical bazar of Tabriz.









Day 4 :
Ponder on the amazing village ( Kandovan) with the rocky pyramid shaped houses. Have some spiritual time at St.Thaddeus church and eat fresh fish from Aras river.



Day 5 : 

Admire the Persian architecture of blue mosque and unique door of Sahib-ol-Amr mosque. Then driving to Zanjan.


Day 6 :
Ponder at the 3th biggest dome of the world. Visiting a 2000 year old mummy and an old laundry house. In the afternoon will have a cooking class.







Day 7 :
Heading to Takht-e-Soleyman ( ruins of the most important Zoroastrian’s fire temple from 2000 years ago). Enjoy the Cuneiform in Ganj-name from 2500 years ago.→ Hotel



Day  8 : 
Get amazed at Ali-Sadr cave by its beautiful Stalactites and Stalagmites. Then driving to Kermanshah and eat different local kebab.


Day 9 :
Enjoying the Sassanid inscriptions of Taq Bustan and Bisotun. Also the Hercules  Statue from Arsacid era is amazing. Will admire Persian art at Moaven-ol-Molk and Shafei mosque.


Day 10 :
Have some free hours till your departure­­­ time­. Have some free hours in Tehran till your departure time. 




Note :
The itinerary is an indication of the visits we propose to undertake each day . However , please bear in mind that changes are possible due to public holidays, weather, etc.