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Day 1 :
Greeting by our tour guide at the airport of Mashhad. After check-in will visiting a 400 year old bath house with 13 layer of paintings . Have some spiritual times at the most important shrine of Muslims (Shiite). Experience the Iranian traditional sport. Hotel


Day 2 :
Get acquainted with an outstanding epic poet by visiting his tomb and Naqally ( performance of his poems ). Get amazed by the 11000 years old petroglyphs and enjoy walking through a 3000 year old stepped village. Also Know more about with their lifestyle and have a cooking class there.










Day 3 :
Driving to Gonabad to visit the oldest Qanat (underground hydraulic system).Then go to a hotel in Birjand.













Day 4 :
visiting the 400 years old wind mills of Nehbandan. Then heading to Zabol visit an archaeological site of a sizable  Bronze age urban settlement ( associated with the Jiroft culture ). Hotel


Day 5 :
Driving to Chabahar and enjoy the beautiful road.


Day 6 :

Visit a unique village where the desert meet the ocean, Lipar pink lagoon and the Martian mountains.



Day 7 :
Amazing geyser, mud volcano and blue phytoplanktons are the attractions of the 7th day that you’ll visit.



Day 8 :
Heading to Mashhad. your departure day.

Note :

The itinerary is an indication of the visits we propose to undertake each day . However , please bear in mind that changes are possible due to public holidays, weather, etc